From Brief to Blog in 1 Hour.

"Content is king' and 'Consistency is key' - the two most popular soundbites in the marketing echo chamber - master them both (without feeling the need to brag on LinkedIn...)


Effortlessly Consistent Blogging

You already know the benefits of blogging but feel the burden of planning, research, briefing, writing an SEO optimisation to create a consistent stream of value driving content. Inflo.Ai removes the burden and makes the process of consistently developing blogs effortless.


Cut Your Blogging Time In Half

Whether you're looking to increase your long-form output or fire out weekly blogs to keep your website fresh, our platform generates writing cues and content suggestions to overcome writer's block, enabling marketers to develop high-quality, relevant content quicker.


Increase Your Keyword Rankings

It's not just about speed or quantity, the quality of your content ensures relevance and exposure to your target audience. Keyword suggestions and frequently searched questions allow you to write high quality content with unmatched consistency.

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